24/7 Emergency Roadside Repair Service

Preventative maintenance is the best way to save money, but in the event of a breakdown, our Roadside Repair Service typically eliminates the need for an expensive tow charge to a shop.  Add to this the down time spent waiting for the truck to be scheduled into the shop for repairs, and you can see how our roadside assistance saves you money. We hope things run smoothly for you, but if not, give us a call and we'll immediately come running. Days, Nights, Holidays...24/7. 


We have the ability to retrieve fault codes from all of the major OEMS to properly diagnose most any problem. We also currently have International Dealer Software enabling us to do programming and forced Regenerations. 


At Andrews Truck & Trailer, we have the certifications and experience to handle most any engine or electrical problems that cause you trouble. We operate from the philosophy of "fixing it right the first time" which solves more than just mechanical problems. 


When one thinks of brakes, the first thing that comes to mind is safety. For years, we have repaired various braking systems to DOT standards or better. We know that our loved ones travel on the same roads as the vehicles we repair, so safety IS a top priority. Ask most any wheel mechanic what their least favorite job is, and they'll probably reply, "wheel seals". At Andrews Truck & Trailer, we'll not only tackle these messy jobs, but will go to wherever the vehicle is to do it. 


With so many things on a semi unit requiring air, a simple leak can cause major problems. We keep an assortment of lines and fittings on our service trucks to fix such problems on the spot. We even have the ability to connect air to a dropped trailer to check for air leaks and operation before your driver comes to connect and go. Ask about our yard check program where we will go to any yard, connect lights and air to the dropped trailers, and report any problems found that would prevent trailer from being ready to roll. We can then make whatever on the spot corrections to have that trailer ready for the driver to connect and go. 


Need something welded? Our certified welders come to you. Call now to schedule work to be done.